Strategic partnership in Information Security (ParIS - ISP) - Second Intensive Study Programme

The Intensive Study Programme (ISP) takes place every year with the participation of Master students and teaching staff from all the European partner Higher Education Institutions (Kiev, Lisbon, Luxembourg, Warsaw) in the framework of the Erasmus Plus programme "Strategic partnership in Information Security (ParIS)". These ISPs offer participating students the opportunity to benefit from the specific expertise of teachers and researchers from the partner institutions and also allow working together in multinational groups. At the same time, they allow teaching staff members to exchange views and put some elements of their jointly developed curriculum into practice, thus ensuring immediate student feedback.

A joint workshop at the end of the project will act as a multiplier event, allowing the project partners to present the jointly developed curriculum but also to initiate further future cooperation, in particular through joint research activities in the field of information security and in related areas.

In order to improve the employability prospects of future graduates and ensure that the newly developed curriculum meets the requirements of the labour market, partners from the private sector will also be associated, in particular through the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), which works in close cooperation with industrial partners, and the existing partnership programme for the Master in Information Security at the Universidade de Lisboa.